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Spare time at the Schgagulhof – Kastelruth

Spare time at the Schgagulhof – Kastelruth

There are plenty of opportunities for the children to let off steam at the Schgagulhof; the swing, slides and sandpit are all inviting places for them to play and have fun.

Ball games can be played in the meadow. There are also some parlour games and interesting books in the house.

Our cats and dog like to be stroked, and our children, Florian, Barbara, Daniel, Vera and Michael are always delighted to have new friends to play with.

Hiking opportunities – Kastelruth/ Seiser Alm

Hiking opportunities – Kastelruth/ Seiser Alm

Lots of hiking routes start from close to the house.

For example: a shorter walk of about 2 hours to Tagusens and into Tamines and from there back up to our farm.

A walk down into the village and back home again via Tiosels takes 1 hour. If you would like to do a longer hike, then you can walk up to the Seiser Alp.

Start from the farm and head towards Marinzen, and from there up to the Puflatsch. If you aren’t tired by the time you get there, then you can take another route back home again. If this is too strenuous, then you can take thegondola to Seis and come back with the shuttle bus.